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Monday, April 24, 2017

Annualized Return

What is Annualized Return?

Annualized Return is the geometric mean return of an investment provides over a period of time and expressed in a time-weighted annual percentage. It shows what an investor would earn over a period of time if the annual return was compounded. The Annualized Return is measured against the initial amount of the investment and represents a geometric mean rather than a simple arithmetic mean. 

Why used Annualized Return?

Annualized Return, also known as Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), is more accurate than a simple return, as it includes the compounding interest, while simple return just simply add up all the returns without the time-weighted factor. Hence, this makes it one of the best measures when various type of investments are being compared.  

How to Calculate Annualized Return?


Client A invested RM100,000 on Unit Trust Fund A with #YourFinanceDoctor on Jan 1, 2007. Assume that Client A would like to sell on Jan 1, 2017 for RM200,000. Client A also receives a total of RM50,000 in dividends over the ten-year holding period. So ending value of investment will be RM250,000 while beginning value of investment will be RM100,000 over 10 years.

Annualized Return = ((250,000/100,000)^(1/10)) - 1 =  9.60%

Simple Return = ((150,000/100,000) x 100%) / 10 = 15%

A Simple Return of 15% a year would seems like a very good investment but in fact the Annualized Return is only 9.60%! (Which is still a good return tho!) Simple Return is commonly used in promotional materials for investments, so beware not to be mislead-ed and always ask for the Annualized Return!


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