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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hire Your Finance Doctor Today!

#YourFinanceDoctor Clients:

You care about your future and you want to know where to start. You want to work with someone who you can relate to and someone who understands you. You realized the importance of financial planning and after all, it was not in the syllabus for us to learn during high school or even university. So now it's time to put it all together

Hire #YourFinanceDoctor for 1 Year!

You will receive:
  • A 50-page financial plan with a series of "To-Dos-List" 
  • Financial plan includes recommendations in all the following areas: cash flow planning, debt repayment planning, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning.
  • Recommendation of asset allocation on your EPF and PRS are included as well.
  • A recommendation of the credit card that fits your needs based on your spending.
  • Unlimited mobile phone and email support for ONE WHOLE YEAR to help you reach your financial goals even faster.
  • Quarterly meet up for monitoring and reviewing financial plan 

This is the right one if you are ready for actionable financial planning advice which can certainly help you find clarity around your money. It’s time to stop making the bad/impulsive decisions about your finances and instead talk to a CFP® who can help you get on track so you can reach multiple financial goals simultaneously.

Fees will be charged according to your annual income category.
RM200,000 and below : RM2,000
RM200,001 - RM350,000 : RM3,000
RM350,001 - RM500,000 : RM4,000
RM500,001 and above : RM5,000

This will be the first best investment you have ever made!  

If you are thinking that maybe you are not quite ready to work with #YourFinanceDoctor on an ongoing basis, but you still have a few pressing financial questions that you would like help on. What can you do?

Quick Start 1 Hour Session!

You will receive:
  • A 60-minutes face to face meeting
  • An in-depth discussion of your few pressing financial questions.
    • Popular questions:
      • Can you help me summarize my insurance policies?
      • How much is my current total investment return?
      • Can you help me with a budgeting plan?
      • How can I fully utilize my EPF?
      • What can I invest with XXX amount of money?
  • A follow-up email with recommendations and "To-Do-List" to solve your pressing issues within 24-hours so that you can take action immediately!


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